Kids & Maternity Photoshoot

Kids & Maternity

New Born (8 to 30 Days)


We often get clients who are baffled that new-borns need to be photographed under 2 weeks old. To them, it seems odd, too soon, or likes torture after just having a new baby.

While it can be hard to leave the house just after having a baby, we assure you it is for good reason. To get all the gorgeous images of babies delicately posed, sleeping in buckets, or curled up in a womb-like pose, we need to do the photography session when the baby is under two weeks old. When a new-born is first born they sleep many hours and their body has the flexibility to pose. The new-born poses replicate womb-like positions and that’s why they are so adorable.

Grow with Me (Capture First Year Memories)


Babies grow up so fast, so why not start a Grow With Me Photography Package to capture the different stages of their growth with us? This involves taking photographs of your baby at different stages of their young lives.

We mostly start this photographic adventure during your pregnancy while your little one is just a bump. The various milestones we could capture are

“Here I Come” at 8-9 Months Pregnancy


I can “Pick My Head Up and smile” at 4-5 Months

I can “Sit Up” at 6-8 Months

I can “Walk” at 10-14 Months

“Happy Birth Day – Let’s smash a cake” at 11 months

Infant (3 to 12 months)


Infant Photography is among the most priceless treasures of family memories. From their first days to their first tentative steps, their first smile to their first gurgling laugh, your baby’s first year is full of incredibly precious milestones.

These shoots are light-hearted and fun, with a bit of gentle direction. Each session is different, with the unique dynamic that flows naturally.

Telling your story through images of your real, tender moments and the love that you have for your children is what makes our world go around.

Children (12+ months)


Time moves at a different pace with kids. The sleepless nights are long, but the birthdays seem too close together. As life gets busier, the moments slip by even faster. We want to capture those precious moments of our children’s lives, but things move too quickly. That’s why we’re here to get those photographs you will cherish for a lifetime.



The sibling photography packages are the ideal way of capturing the emotional bond between the siblings. Our themes are customized to bring out that special relationship between your children and also focuses on their individual personalities.

From the number of themes given in all the packages, you have the flexibility of choosing the combinations. For example, if you go with the 3-theme package, of the 3 themes, you can do one theme individual for each child and one theme with both of them together. That way each child gets his or her own customized set and also gets a set of images with the brother/sister. 


There are numberless stories born when a baby comes into our life. They are cute, they are mischievous, they are dreamy and also moody at the same time. They make us fall in love with them every moment we look at them. Every day a new story is created and all the parents wish and whim to capture those instances. Those stories all together – We Create little stories! We would love to capture those precious and adorable stories which you would be delighted to see and would love to preserve lifelong. A photograph is something that stops a moment in time. To help us remember how we felt right at that point in our lives. And we love to create a piece of art, so our clients can cherish every part and moment of their babies. The stories can make them smile, laugh, giggle, and sentimental looking at those beautifully captured photographs of their little ones.

We work personally with you one-on-one to customize the session style best suited for you. We put our experience and skill as both photographers and artists to work for you to create stunning, beautifully composed, and artistically edited images. We have dedicated years to perfecting our crafts and hundreds of hours photographing New-borns. We’re excited to put that experience to work for you to create timeless images you will be thrilled to surround yourself with and proud to share with family and friends. More than just snapshots, The Film Sutra Photography provides you the art of creatively portraying the intimacy shared by you and your baby, along with all the adorable details. Skill, experience, and artistry create images that become beautiful art for your most treasured memories of these amazing moments.

Maternity Shoot 

CLASSIC Maternity Photography is a studio based photography setup photographed using the natural window light. It’s my most popular setup and is the one that I have been doing since 2015. I try to create chic and dreamy portraits for you with this setup. I encourage adding your spouse to this setup. Children can also be added as a paid add-on. I also offer a floral-setup add-on for this setup for an additional charge.
GLAMOUR Maternity Package is also a studio setup. I use studio lighting to create glamorous, magazine style portraits. This is the latest addition to my maternity portrait styles. This is primarily a women oriented setup, although husbands can be added to this setup. I don’t allow adding children to this setup. For styling this look, I prefer using a wrap or a dress. I am hoping to expand this genre over the coming years.
OUTDOOR Maternity Package, as the name suggests, is an outdoor session conducted near our studio. I started outdoor maternity shoots and they are conducted only from October to March – keeping in view the extreme hot weather of Gurgaon/Delhi area. Location is the key in any outdoor shoot and I am always trying to find beautiful locations hidden in plain sight.
My Maternity Photography is not just about creating a memory for you. It‘s about an experience. It’s about making you feel beautiful from inside as you are from outside in reality. I just find pregnancy to be a very beautiful stage of life. It should be celebrated and preserved. I can help you do both

“I really understand pregnancy and the changes we go through. I am not just a maternity photographer who pretends to empathise with you. I have been there… twice. Preserving the memories of your pregnancy will be the best decision you will ever make.”


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