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Fresh Ideas to use Flowers in Indian weddings in 2023

New year brings new wedding trends, whether it's in outfits, décor, food, entertainment, or anything else. The flower décor trends for the forthcoming wedding season of 2022-2023 are the same. The floral décor adds beauty to the entire wedding arrangement and makes it appealing to the eye. They not only bring a splash of colour to the space, but they also give it a sense of freshness and individuality. We may expect a lot of interesting floral décor ideas in the future weddings, since the wedding business is expected to expand this year with the return of normalcy.

Is it possible to get tired of flowers at Indian weddings? As you might expect, the answer is never. With the exception of a few centrepieces and grandiose mandaps, Indian wedding floral design veers between OTT and elegant. We've compiled a list of creative ways that couples and wedding planners are using florals to add drama to their events. These floral décor themes are unquestionably distinctive, gorgeous, and one-of-a-kind!

Fresh ways to use Flowers in Indian weddings in 2023

Best of both worlds
Dry florals along with fresh flowers are the biggest trend these days and they'll make any wedding look like a dream, from seating arrangements to centrepieces. 

Happy hues, happy everyone
At weddings this year, you'll see a rainbow of colours. Nowadays, couples prefer flamboyant colours over traditional whites, greens, and neutrals, and trust us when we say that we adore clicking them at venues.  People are adoring the thought of straying from the typical wedding colour palette and opting for seasonally popular hues like yellow, fuchsia pink, and Pantone's Colour of the Year - Very Peri, and these are just a few of the floral hues on our watchlist that will reign this year. If you believe that these vibrant hues will only be seen at spring and summer weddings, you are plainly mistaken.

Fresh Ideas to use Flowers in Indian weddings in 2023

Canopy of your dreams
Intimate weddings necessitate intimate seats, and such floral canopy provides both a warm and ethereal aesthetic to the evening. Imagine sitting with your family and friends and having the best time of your life under the grandeur and beauty of lovely flowers.

Going OTT is the new normal
Going above and beyond the conventional floral displays and centrepieces is what we mean when we say "going OTT." This is expected to be one of the most popular wedding flower trends in the coming season. Colourful blooms will be found throughout the venue, as well as in unlikely places. Choose a more simplistic design for your table settings, on the other hand. For your wedding day, think outside the box by designing an Instagram-worthy photo-booth for some spectacular photographs.

Fresh Ideas to use Flowers in Indian weddings in 2023

White & Gold – a classic love story
It's a basic idea — strands of dogra interwoven with gold goat to create that lovely backdrop. You can also opt for white lilies and roses to create your fairy tale wedding décor.

Colour–blocking or Mono-floral
Colour-blocking has been popular in wedding decor in recent years, so we're looking forward to seeing it as the forthcoming wedding floral trend in 2023. The best approach to incorporate this trend is to construct arrangements with either one variety of flower or a few flowers in very identical colour variants. For example, you can select to use solely roses in all red or magenta tones, which elevates a conventional flower to a new level of refinement. Your decorator will also have the opportunity to show off their creative abilities by creating an aesthetically curated floral arrangement with texture and dimension using only one variety of flower.

All you have to see is how you can incorporate these latest trends in your wedding depending upon your theme, venue and wishes. For us, clicking you and your better half against such beautiful floral decorations will always be an honour. So, if you or anyone you know is about to get married, you know who the best wedding photographer and the best cinematographer is in Delhi NCR. Reach to their team at or drop them an email at

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