Our beautiful couple Mohit and Sheetal explored the historic city of Jaipur for their pre-wedding shoot

Jaipur is the gateway to India’s most colorful, flamboyant state, Rajasthan. A receptacle of Indian cultural motifs – color, ancient architecture, royal traditions, art, and music, its streets are heady, its squares ring with authentic ethnic energy.

Enchanted, Mohit and Sheetal decided on this gorgeous destination as the mainstay of their pre-wedding shoot. Its iconic monuments, rural scenes, history, and modernity were the perfect canvas for their picture of love. The Film Sutra talented team of photographers created a series of striking photographs. We share highlights from the stunning shoot.

Mohit says, “Sheetal loved The Film Sutra work and had been following the team since we got engaged. They were busy but after prolonged requests, they finally agreed and we were excited to work with them. We just wanted to enjoy our time and this was an opportunity to do that.”

When team The Film Sutra first met Mohit and Sheetal, they couldn’t believe theirs was an arranged marriage. The team says, “They were so comfortable with each other, it made us believe they had been together forever.”

Unlike many people who just jump on the pre-wedding shoot bandwagon, the photographers sensed that the couple was invested in getting a great shoot down. The photography team loved their dedication, “They used to get up early in the morning and be ready in the best of outfits. Inspired by the couple’s enthusiasm, we as a team became very determined to deliver the best.”

“At the shoot in the Pink City of  Jaipur - Rajasthan, we shot in places like Ramgarh, the stepwell, and also in Pushkar. The couple was truly hospitable which made this less of a shoot and more of a picnic. The chemistry between them was so refreshing and they bonded with our team well. It felt like we had discovered two new friends.”