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Kerala is one of India's most stunning states, sometimes known as the God's Own Country or Land of God. The sort of magnificence that cannot be fully appreciated through images, but which may undoubtedly provide unique backdrops, beaches, and waterfalls for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Despite the fact that Kerala has many locations for pre-wedding photos, the following locations are the finest for a getaway or pre-wedding photo shoot.

The district of Alleppey, popularly known as Alappuzha, is the third most literate district in Kerala and is well known for its natural beauty. It also serves as the district's administrative centre. In reality, the cleanliness initiatives have preserved its charm, and in 2016 it was named the cleanest town in India.

On the coast, a lighthouse was constructed, and the Laccadive Sea coast lies nearby. Alleppey is one of the top locations in Kerala for the pre-wedding shoot because of the surroundings and intrinsic beauty of the town. The Couples may appreciate the freshness and have a great time.

The houseboat cruise is among this town's highlights, although the backwaters are the most well-liked tourist destination. Lord Curzon dubbed this place "Venice of the East" because of its backwaters, beaches, and greenery.

Thrissur is renowned for its devotion to the sacred places as well as its vibrant and thrilling festivals. The city's name, which indicates "The City or Town with the Name of Lord Shiva," makes this connection clear.

What could be a greater setting before embarking on a new life adventure than this city, which is transformed into a place of God by its connection to the sanctity? Three temples may be visited in the area, and there is also natural beauty that can serve as a backdrop for pre-wedding videos and photos.

Although there are numerous venues in India for pre-wedding photography, Munnar is a hill town and historically, the old vacation spot of the British Raj Elite. It is situated in the Western Ghats of the southern state of India. The location is gorgeous and ideal for the couple's pre-wedding photo shoot, much more so than the photographs indicate.

It brings you into the lap of nature and distracts you from your regular metropolis routine. It is renowned for the tea plantation on the hillsides and the freshness and greenery it provides.

Other attractions of the location are the 2,695-meter-tall Anamudi Peak and the Lakkam Waterfalls. The Mudhirapuzha River, the Nallathanni River, and the Kundaly River are the three rivers that are thought to be the inspiration for the name Munnar, which translates as "three rivers."

Bekal, a seaside town in the lovely state of Kerala, is well-known for Bekal fort that is constructed in the shape of a keyhole. Red bricks were used to construct the fort's towers, which have views of the Arabian Sea. The beach, the backwaters, and the mountainous areas of the town make Bekal suitable for the pre-wedding shoot in addition to the fort, which is also featured in many Indian films.

Kochi, usually known as Cochin, is a significant city in India and is located on the Laccadive Sea's southern shore. Because of the preserved historical tradition of the town, Kochi or Cochin is often known as the "Queen of the Arabian Sea."

When discussing the top tourist spots in India, the town is ranked number six, and it also attracts the most domestic and international visitors in Kerala. The town is pre-wedding shoot appropriate because of its prominence and popularity. Many couples are drawn to it, and the backwaters and beaches that are there naturally make it the ideal location for pre-wedding photos and videos.

Kumarakom, a village on the Vembanad Lake with canals and backwaters, is a well-known destination in Kerala. In addition to this, Kumarakom is also home to numerous species of cuckoos and Siberian storks.

The backwaters and lake in Kumarakom, which are encircled by hotels, are what have made the town famous. The lake makes for a beautiful backdrop for pre-wedding photos and can be used for panoramic shots.

In addition to the lake, the surrounding waterfall and the rubber plantation also make for fantastic photo opportunities. The couple can go and tour the town at the Ancient Thazhathangady Mosque, which is on the east side of Kumarakom.


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