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Instagram reels and why you should be here?

We live in the digital era, where Social Media has become the primary mode of communication. Whether it’s an announcement, product launch, event, or a wedding, a single post on these digital platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) will convey your message to the mass.

Thanks to Instagram for introducing Instagram reels that allow you to be more creative and expressive. So, what’s an Instagram reel?

Instagram Reels is a content format wherein you can create and share 15-second videos with others in a new dedicated Feed on the Explore page. It offers you multiple tools to record and share fun & engaging short videos.

How Can You Access Reels: Open your Instagram Stories. Click on the camera and choose REELS. Use the button to create a reel. You can record reels in a single shot or a series of clips.

How to create a Reel: You can create Instagram reels in two ways:

  • Press and hold the record button to capture footage.
  • Upload the video footage directly from your camera roll.

A few tips from our experts to assist you in creating your first reel:

  • Tap the reels button at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can use the tools to add the best effects to your reels. Tap audio and select the audio of your choice from your library.

Tap speed to set the speed of your video.
To add any special effects, tap effects.
To set the video duration, tap the timer.
To end a clip during the recording, click on the record button and tap it again if you wish to record a new clip. Use the Align button to line up the objects before moving to a new clip.
To watch, trim, or delete the recorded clip, tap the clip button and edit it. 3.Once you’re through the recording, add drawings or text to edit your reel.

A few more tips from our marketing team to assist you in sharing the reel with your followers:

  • Once the clip is ready to be shared, tap the Next button to access the Share page.
  • Tap the Cover button to edit the cover photo with a video thumbnail.
  • Add a catchy caption to draw immediate attention from online traffic.
  • Don’t want to publish the reel right away? Save it as a draft.
  • Post it to the Reels tab on your feed if your account is public. If you have used hashtags or effects or some songs, your reel might appear on a few dedicated pages provided someone clicks on it.
  •  You can also share your reels privately with your followers, provided you have a private account. The only disadvantage of sharing your reels privately is that your followers cannot forward it further.

Here are the top-reasons why you should use Instagram reels: Reels are easy to create:

Are you of the opinion that video content requires a lot of time and money? Well, it’s not the case with Instagram reels. One can create a short video of 15 seconds in a few minutes.A wedding is a special day, and we’re sure both the bride and groom would love to share every moment of their D-day with their loved ones. Whether it’s your Haldi function or Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony, spare a few minutes and your video is good-to-go live.

Reels content is permanent: If you want your time and efforts to be counted forever, what better than Instagram reels. The reel content is permanent, unlike Instagram stories that last only for 24 hrs unless you opt as highlights to your profile. You and your loved ones can always cherish your wedding memories whenever you wish to. Get in touch with our expert wedding photographers to capture live moments of your new beginning.

Behind-the-scenes content: A lot of effort goes into organizing a wedding, and every moment adds a lot of value to the couple’s life. Behind-the-scenes is the best way to share the most important day of your life with your loved ones. A few of your friends and family members might not be able to attend your wedding and what better way than Behind-the-scenes clips to make them a part of your wedding. Apart from this, if you are an influencer, it will also help you build trust with your followers.

Example: The bride’s makeover The groom’s entry The sangeet program The food stalls The pre wedding shoot.

 Making an announcement: Whether it’s a product, service, or event, one can gain a lot of engagement through a 15-second Instagram reel. You can highlight the ring exchange moment from your ring ceremony or the garland exchange, or the 7 pheras from your D-day. If you want to share information related to your new product or an announcement pertaining to your new service, Instagram reels is a sure way for high engagement.

Are you up for Instagram reels: It’s never too late to start anything new. If you’re already on Instagram, it’s time to explore Instagram reels and optimize them to create moments and memories. Express your love through the reels and live your moments forever. Filmsutra - India’s best wedding photographers are here to assist you in capturing some of the best real moments of your life. We provide 20 Sec Instagram Reels Video. The bride and groom can upload their wedding videos on their Instagram and Facebook handle on the same day of the ceremony. With in-house photo editors & video editors, every 5-minute, photos, and videos are edited and delivered.

For more details, visit or get in touch with us on +91-9212515591. You can also drop us an email at

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