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Next-Gen photography to amp up your wedding.

Weddings are the most celebrated and much awaited events in our country. Right from the décor to the food to the outfits and jewellery, everyone in India is just obsessed with weddings. It is the perfect time to create memories and bonds that last a lifetime. And what better way to save those memories than getting a team of professional photographers and videographers to cover your wedding?

With Film Sutra by your side, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Founded by Mr. Arun Aadidev, Film Sutra is a team of marvellous photographers and videographers who strive to capture raw, beautiful emotions and create an everlasting memory. Be it a pre-wedding photography or a luxury wedding photography or even a destination wedding photography, we aim at making every moment at every wedding the best one for the bride and groom and their family and friends.

Film Sutra was founded with the sole objective of capturing every human emotion we usually see at weddings. Mr. Arun Aadidev, with his 18+ years of experience and innovative mind has brought a revolution in the wedding photography industry. He has been given the title of Next-Gen photographer because he introduced the concept of ‘On-the-spot Photo-Video Edits’ at weddings. He believed that since the world is evolving and we all need everything at just one click and in minimum time, why not bring this concept to our weddings? Taking this thought forward, Film Sutra introduced the QR-Code system which lets the guest attending a wedding have the access to their photographs instantly. They set up a scanning counter at the wedding location itself. The guest just needs to walk up to the counter, scan the QR-code, click a selfie and then send it to the Film Sutra team. The team then gets to work, finds all the photographs of the particular guests from all the functions by matching it with their selfie, edits the photographs and send it to them on their WhatsApp number on the very same day.

Nothing short of magic, isn’t it? They are undoubtedly the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. This concept is one-of-a-kind and only Film Sutra offer this. It saves a lot of time and energy. The guests won’t have to wait for a long period of time to get pictures and videos and also it saves the bride and groom from the trouble of having to explain why the photographs haven’t arrived yet.

All in all, it’s a win-win! Apart from this, the team at Film Sutra also creates video reels of about 15-20 seconds of the all the pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehendi, Pool Party, Sangeet, etc. They also short reels of Jaimala ceremony, Bride’s entry and 7 pheras and share it with the family members through a WhatsApp group. As a token of love and good omen, the team also invites 25 members (each) from the bride and groom’s family, clicks their photographs, gets them framed and gifts them on the wedding day. Because photography isn’t just a job for them, it’s a way to bond with the people and create happy memories together.

As the Next-Gen photographers, Film Sutra brought the Theatre concept to the world of wedding photography. The team compiles a short documentary-type video which includes all the wedding fun, interviews of family and friends and then play the same on an LED screen where the bride and groom and all the guest can watch it and relive those moments. With so many out-of-the-box services, Film Sutra makes sure that the wedding is nothing less than spectacular. They leave no stone unturned to make it the best day of a couple’s life. So, if you or anyone you know is about to get married, you know who the best wedding photographer and the best cinematographer is in Delhi NCR. Reach to their team at or drop them an email at

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