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New trends in wedding photography and videography to look out for in 2023!

If you don't have some stunning images from your big day, all of your wedding planning, lehenga shopping, and getting your makeup done by the most well-known MUA may seem pointless. Over the years, wedding photography and videography have seen significant changes. Nowadays, people prefer candid photos that capture the entire event's fun. In the era of social media, all we see are breath taking bridal reels, exotic photo shoots, and photographs that are larger-than-life. The photography and videography of weddings today look entirely different as a result. Such shifts strongly suggest that anything can happen at any time.

Mid-laugh candid snaps and pre-wedding photographs are no longer the exclusive forms of candid wedding photography. To keep you well-informed, we have curated a list of some latest trends in wedding photography and videography to look out for in the upcoming wedding season!!!

Wedding highlights compilation
Usually, your family and friends are really interested in hearing about all the chaos that occurred at the wedding. You can get a five-minute wedding highlights movie to share with friends and family. The times when people would gather to watch hours of footage from all of your events are long gone. The creation of highlight reels of wedding rituals that are suitable for social media is now recognised as the trend of the year. These videos are also a unique method to connect with guests who couldn't attend your wedding and share the memorable moments.

Editorial-style portraits
One of the top goals for the couples and the photographers at any wedding is getting those gorgeous couple photographs. However, the images we are seeing on social media right now are a lot less traditional, which has sparked a buzz on all of the platforms.

Realistic video edits
The focus has shifted away from visually appealing video clips with Bollywood soundtracks when we speak about wedding cinematography. One trend that we have noticed is the emergence of realistic video edits that include music overlays, authentic voices, and sound effects from the wedding day itself. Such elements provide your candid wedding film, which more couples are enjoying these days, the raw element of the party as well as emotions.

Veil shots
The brides always await getting some romantic pictures taken of them at their weddings. Veil shots have been popular among all of them for a while. They are a favourite among brides since they not only look beautiful but also exude poise and panache.

Black and white photos
We have a strange feeling that black and white photography will return to fashion in 2023, largely due to its artistic worth. Due to its simplicity and minimalism, you may express your feelings and add a little drama to turn a photograph into a work of art. It is enduring, adaptable, undistracted, and subtle. Black & white images somehow seem to portray emotion in a way that colour photographs simply cannot, whether it be nostalgia, grief, or yearning. Black-and-white photography is like poetry and its strength lies not in what is stated but in what is omitted, unlike colour photography which spells out everything in detail.

The “Twinning” photos
As the trend goes, couples are obsessed with wearing colour co-ordinated outfits. They get their wedding trousseau designed in a manner that they compliment each other.

Post-wedding shoot
One of the most distinctive trends in wedding photography is this. In conventional weddings, photos are only taken before or during the ceremony. Post-wedding shoots, however, have becoming more popular as of 2022. After the wedding festivities are over, the bride and groom spare some time and get some exquisite pictures taken. Post-wedding photos are absolutely real, and more people should have access to them. The fact that a couple is exhausted after their wedding is never discussed, but it deserves to be. These images are particularly important since they will demonstrate how much effort goes into a wedding. These kinds of moments are lovely and ought to be treasured as well.

Vidai pictures
The vidai of the bride is undoubtedly the most emotional moment in the wedding. It is the most vulnerable moment for the bride and specially her father. There is no other love in the world that compares to a father's love for his young daughter. Pictures of father and daughter together should always be in the album, and as the years pass and you view the photo, nostalgia floods your heart.

Drone wedding shots
In the past, drones were only used to record videos. However, brides and grooms have given drones a new task: capturing beautiful wedding images. Wide angles are covered by drones from a greater height, which improves the photograph's quality and mood. Indirectly enhancing the images' opulence and attractiveness are drones. Drones also capture elaborate pre-wedding photos, which ties into the fourth trend of 2023 wedding photography.

That “First Look or Reveal” shots
On YouTube, reaction videos are particularly well-liked. Surprisingly, this style has also made it to the list of 2022-2023 wedding photography trends, but with a slight variation. The photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom's initial reactions to each other's wedding attire rather than making videos.  The couple's response ranges from wows to their mouths hanging open in disbelief. This pattern occasionally extends to the couple's reaction as well as the couple's relatives. The reaction of the bride's father to her wedding lehenga was a recent fad. Fathers get emotional when they see their beloved daughter all decked up as a bride.

Present-day photography trends include extravagant, minimalist, modern, and classic styles. Wedding photography trends for 2023 are extremely diversified and have something to offer everyone. Weddings are romanticised and exalted. Wedding photography is mostly concerned with capturing lovely current moments. These beautiful trends in wedding photography will make you want to remarry your spouse if you are already married. And if you aren’t and are looking for the dream team to capture your wedding, you should definitely consider Film Sutra. Reach to their team at or drop them an email at   

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